About us
The concept of Thrift and Credit Co-operative Society is not new for us. In North Eastern Circle itself , we have one such Co-operative Society of the officers located at Shillong besides a number of Staff Co-operative Societies in various places.
But establishment of a Co-operative Society at Guwahati for the officers was long felt by a vast majority for reasons given below:
Guwahati is the nerve Centre of North Eastern Region. Because of the establishment of Local Head Office, Regional Office, officers from various corner of the Region have to visit Guwahati frequently. Communication of Guwahati with the rest of the region is also better than any other place of the region.
In these days of high rate of inflation, one can hardly get rid of any financial crisis arising out of any major disease which requires medical treatment outside the region, purchase of land ,marriage etc.
Contribution towards thrift fund is a mode of compulsory savings from monthly salary which also is quite beneficial at the time of retirement.
Under Pressures from various sections of officers, we formed this society on the 12th August 1988, registered the same under section II (2) of the Assam Co-operative Societies Act. 1949 with the office of the Asstt. Register of Co-operative Societies, Guwahati and started functioning since October 1988.