Society Logo State Bank of India Officers' Thrift & Credit Cooperative Society Ltd., Guwahati


To be a member of the Society, an officer has to purchase a minimum number of 4 shares, each at a face value of Rs.10/-
Type of Loan Max. Amt. of Loan (Rs.) Rate of Int.(%) Repayment Period EMI (Rs.)
Long Term Loan 10,00,000/- 9.5 15 Years 10,500/-
Short Term Loan 3,00,000/- 9.5 7 Years  4,900/-
The Minimum Thrift Contribution is Rs. 1,000/- Per Month
The Society provides interest @ 8.5% p.a. on Thrift Fund.
Dividend on share capital paid @ 15% on profit.
Benevolent Payout to members retiring on superannuation is Rs. 5000/-
Ex-gratia to the survivor(s) of the deceased member is Rs. 20,000/-
Email Id: website:
Member Login id: First six digit of PF
Password: Cooperative Membership Number